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We understand restaurants and bars as we have been working with them very closely.  We have helped many restaurant and bar operators realise their true potential and maximize their return on investment. All of our clients rely not just on our number crunching but on our sophisticated but easy to understand reports, which help them make informed decisions to improve their businesses.

Weekly Management Accounts

The weekly report is a powerful management tool. It provides an in depth analysis of trading during the week, together with invaluable statistical information e.g. covers, spend per head etc.
This provides information which is not normally available and which would certainly not be apparent from monthly accounts. It enables you to make quick, informed and effective decisions based on the information which is bang up to date.
Weekly reports are geared to assist every process of the restaurant, from the chef having control of kitchen costs to the manager being on top of all aspects of trading.


One of the most time consuming activities for a restaurant can be in tracking purchase invoices and ensuring that credit notes are received where appropriate. Nobody wants to overpay a supplier. We have a team dedicated to dealing with suppliers and in chasing up outstanding credit notes. We also make sure that payments are made through our BACS system when they are due.

Monthly Management Report and Accounts

Accounts are also prepared on a monthly basis to assist in the overall monitoring of sales and costs and longer term trends.


It is extremely difficult for anybody other than a specialist to keep up with changes in employment law. Having our professional team on your side can make all the difference! Our expert staff will manage your payroll and as we are a BACS bureau we can make payments on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis. We also take care of your PAYE returns.

Troncmaster Service

Many restaurants have fallen foul of HMRC by not making sure that their tronc scheme is run in a way that can be demonstrated to be independent of the owner of the restaurant. We can help you manage the tronc.






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